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Global Multimedia Review (GMR) is published by Humanity Publications, a leading publishing house in Pakistan in research and analytics, that assists researchers in advancing research outcomes for societal benefit. To wipe out societal ills and to add the humanity by boosting up measures among the individuals of the global society. GMR intends to promote qualitative and quantitative researches and findings with the help of newly emerging tools and patterns utilized in experiments, observations, interviews, analysis and surveys by encircling all major segments of Multi-media Studies and its academic and research disciplines. GMR is a double-blind peer-reviewed research journal which encompasses major disciplines of multi-media Studies.

At the outset when the digital media are pervasive and ubiquitous, GMR owes the major responsibility to explore what these developments mean to the audience and the way audience is influencing the media of mass communication. This academic journal would accept manuscripts in various broad and specific areas of research in this field on the way they influence various sections of our society. The manuscripts can explore various brad aspects like the history and development, innovations, trends, and the influence of the media on a cross section of population. GMR is an Open Access journal that provides access to its well-researched articles to its users. The journal thoroughly peer reviews the submitted manuscripts.

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